Welcome to Mindful Hypnosis.  I hope you take the time to find out more about hypnosis and mindfulness, how they can be used as effective tools in therapy and, most importantly, how they can help you. 

My approach is to teach clients how they can stop struggling with the difficult thoughts and feelings that are part of every human life and more effectively manage many everyday problems  such as stress, worry, anxiety, overeating, drinking, harmful habits, fears, sleep, and so on.  I help you to appreciate the value of living in the present moment (mindfulness) and to explore new ideas and ways of being.

Using strategies from mindfulness and hypnosis, you can develop the self-awareness and self-kindness that is so empowering to help you stop the struggle and make positive changes, whether it's to achieve a specific goal or to feel generally happier and calmer.  We now know that our beliefs and expectations are an incredibly powerful influence on the life we choose to live.  

Sometimes you know you want your life to change, but don’t know how.  Telling yourself that you ‘should’ change never really works for long.  Resisting does not change the feeling or emotions behind the problem; ultimately emotions are far more powerful than logic.  Change has to come from the unconscious part of your mind that is responsible for much of our automatic thoughts and behaviour. Your unconscious mind is so much more powerful than your conscious ‘thinking’ mind.

That's where hypnosis comes in .......